Water scarcity is one of the most important crises that threatens the future of humanity. Climate change, global warming and declining rainfall, on the one hand, and increasing world population, increasing agriculture and animal husbandry to provide food for humans, and destructive human behavior with their environment, on the other hand, together with missmanagment of water by governments are making the water crisis more serious.

Iran is a dry country, and it was not unpredictable that it would one day face a water crisis.

These days, the people of Khuzestan are suffering from painful conditions that are due to the loss of water resources in the region.

 In recent days, there have been many reactions from the people to the situation in Khuzestan, and the art community has not been unaware of this issue. A number of visual artists spontaneously drew designs related to the events of Khuzestan and published them in cyberspace. Also, a hashtag called Art for Khuzestan was formed, in which many cartoonists designed and published works in this field.

In the continuation of this report, you will see a number of works related to the water crisis in Khuzestan.

فاطمه اکرامی

By Fatemeh Ekrami

مرتضی ده کامه

By Morteza Dehkameh

معصومه موسوی

By Masoumeh Mossavi

مهسا کیوان

By Mahsa Keyvan

هادی حیدری

Hadi Heidari

هادی عسگری

By Hadi Asgari

شادی نصیری

By Shadi Nasiri

سهیل محمدی

By Sohil Mohammadi

حمید صوفی

By Hamid  Sofi

جواد علیزاده

By Javad Alizadeh

جمال رحمتی

By Jamal Rahmati

امین منتظری

By Amin Montazeri

امین قزلباش

By Amin Ghezelbash

ابراهیم حقیقی

By Ebrahim Haghighi