The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Iranian Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Ali-Asghar Mounesan and several officials on Tuesday.

Addressing the ceremony, the head of the Hawraman Cultural-Historical Landscape Database, Pouya Talebnia, said that “this complex has been obtained by surveying and identifying 500 ancient sites in the region of Hawraman.

"In first phase of this pottery bank, 1,500 pieces of pottery and ancient stone tools have been physically collected," he said.

“In the next phases, we will have a complete set by completing studies of pottery and tools as well as launching a centralized system," he said, noting that the complex is unique in the country.

The official also said that the archaeological studies in the Hawraman region have been of special importance due to providing first-hand information about the archeological site of this region.

"The potteries chronologically belong to the periods from the Neolithic to the Islamic Era, and the stone tools dating back to the eras from Middle Paleolithic to the Bronze Age".

"Due to the importance of the studies as well as the collection obtained, this complex will attract enthusiasts," Talebnia said, adding that archaeologists and researchers are fully prepared to attend the bank.

Source: Iran Daili