Every year, the Exclusive Building Institute Award invites amateur and ordinary photographers to discover and capture the art of architecture in their camera frame, while at the same time showcasing innovations in the construction industry. In the 11th year of global competition, Borna Mirahmahmadian with a frame from the old building of Karim Khan Citadel from Shiraz collected thousands of votes from users and won 1500 pounds.

This year hundreds of amateur and professional photographers from all over the world including Iran, Russia, UAE, Britain, etc. Participated in this global competition. In the end, 15 photos and photographers reached the final stage and two artists won 1500 pounds people’s choice award and the jury award. The judges' award was for James Retiff of England, who recorded the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben in London.

Borna Mirahmadian was born in 1981 in Tehran-Iran and started photography at an early age, but taking photos was only a hobby, till 2007 that his enthusiasm for photography had a twist of fate and turned into an obsession. Since then he pursues photography with his exemplary passion for this activity, despite being a full-time Civil Engineer.

During the last few years, He has participated in many international photography contests and this has brought him more than 18 prestigious Awards, as well as 11 “Certificate of Merit” from PSA, and 2 well-respected Photography Distinctions from FIAP. Following his success in these competitions, in May 2016 he became the first Iranian who receives a ROPA Title (Recognition of Photography Achievement) from PSA.

Borna is also active in the field of Stock Photography and his pictures are purchased as editorial or commercial royalty-free licenses through International Stock Agencies to be used in Graphic Designs, Advertisements, Magazines, and websites, all around the globe.