Sarvar Bakhti made the remarks during the closing ceremony of the First Raqs-e Qalam International Exhibition and Conference of the Silk Road Calligraphy on Thursday.

“By means of calligraphy art, we can find the way into the profound meaning of poetry and an exalted discourse; we fall in love with the beauty and arrive in a world without violence,” he said.

“For this reason, we see that our mosques, prayer places, and tombs are embellished with calligraphy art,” he added.

He said that calligraphy art helps increase the beauty and the eternity of what is inscribed, leading the visitors to “a pure emotional world where those gentle souls are living without any hatred.” 

“In the contemporary world, the only thing that can help to protect ourselves from evils and preserve our heritage as well is culture,” he said and added that calligraphy art can support people in this way.   

He also expressed his thanks to the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO for organizing the exhibition and conference.

Calligraphy works by 203 artists from 30 countries were showcased at the virtual exhibition, which officially opened on January 20 in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad.

A selection of artworks from the event was also put on view during an exhibition at the Iranian Academy of Arts in Tehran on January 22.

During the closing ceremony of the exhibition held at the Iran Mall, a large shopping mall in Tehran, 20 artists from Uzbekistan, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, Oman, Mongolia, South Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, China, Azerbaijan, and Iran were selected in a drawing for a weeklong visit to Mashhad, the northeastern Iranian city that is home to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS).   

Source: Tehran Times