The aim behind the mutual agreement is to promote friendly and cultural relations between the two countries, according to the National Museum of Iran.

The National Museum of Iran’s director, Jebrael Nokandeh, and his Nicaraguan counterpart Javiera Pérez Guerra, as well as Nicaraguan Ambassador to Tehran Isaac Lenin Bravo and Iranian Ambassador to Nicaragua Majid Salehi and Nicaraguan Minister of Culture Luis Morales, were present at the ceremony.

Nokandeh described the agreement as a turning point in the promotion of cultural relations between Tehran and Managua.

Despite the pandemic and restrictions, it has created for the world since its outbreak over a year ago, Iran and Nicaragua signed the agreement, which indicates a determination to deepening cultural relations between the two nations, said the Iranian museum director.

Through webinars, the two sides can become familiarized with their capacities and capabilities, then they could plan for practical cooperation after containing the pandemic, Nokandeh added.

Also, Morales said in the meeting that Nicaragua is honored that the signing ceremony is coincident with the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the national museum of his country.

At the end of the meeting, the Iranian Ambassador to Nicaragua Majid Salehi said both embassies will make efforts to implement the agreement, which, he said he hoped would be a big step towards deepening bilateral cultural relations.

Source: Tehran Times