The sixth period of the annual Thematic Exhibitions, presented by Gagosian and Jeffrey Ditch, is entitled "The Future". This online exhibition has imagined the coming years due to the increasing political, economic and environmental unreliability in the present time.

In the exhibition "The Future" The works of 31 artists from all over the world have been exhibited, including two Iranian artists. The names of Mehdi Ghadianlou and Asal Peiravi can be seen in the virtual exhibition "The Future" along with works by world-renowned artists such as Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman and Damon Hurst.

The description of this exhibition states: "The works that artists produce about the world to come are very diverse, reflecting the myriad issues that are of concern to artists. Some works focus on important real-time moments or predicted events. Others evoke different emotions from familiar situations in the form of science fiction. In other cases, artists are using new technologies in their production processes, or discovering contrasts between more traditional media and futuristic images or thinking."

The exhibit opened during the Art Basel Miami Beach Fair in November 2020 and will be running until January 31.