Moshiri's work ‘Once Upon a Time’ is expected to be sold at between $285,000 and $360,000 at the auction, according to the English-language news service of the Middle East ‘The National’.

This year, Christie's is to hold its auction online due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and Moshiri's work will be at the center of attention.

‘Once Upon a Time’ has already been showcased at The Andy Warhol Museum of the US.

Made in 2011, the beadwork is inspired by festive seasons' postcards.

As part of a complex commissioned by Louis Vuitton, ‘Once Upon a Time’ has made Moshiri the first artist from the Middle East to create a work for this luxurious brand.

Born in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz, Moshiri is a well-known painter worldwide whose name appeared on the list of the world's 500 best artists in 2012.

Source: Iran Daily