he exhibition opened on Friday (October 2) and will last for two months, according to ISNA.

Speaking about the exhibition, Tadi explained that “the international artist Willem Vugteveen has been following my artworks and other students of the Iranian drawing artist Farhad Gavzan for about seven years. For him, our group works, and the drawing museum is very important. Therefore, last year he traveled to Iran and was closely involved in our activities and offered me and Mohammadzadeh to hold solo exhibitions at the Podium Zuidhaege.”

He added that the exhibition features two separate solo exhibitions by me and Mohammadzadeh. The exhibitions opened with the participation of a group of famous Dutch cultural figures and, after two months, the works of this exhibition will be displayed in Amsterdam and New York.

Tadi added that in this exhibition, more than 200 drawings in various dimensions are on display along with a collection of seven large drawings titled ‘Hands’.

According to the artist, the ‘Hands’ collection was created during the quarantine period of the coronavirus.

Mohammadzadeh added, “I have been drawing seriously since 2007 and unlike some artists who work on only one subject, I work on several collections in parallel, and in this exhibition, there are more than 200 drawings in various dimensions along with 11 drawings in large dimensions

Source: Iran Daily