Opening of the virtual exhibition of Iranian gilding went live with the performance of Abdolmehdi Mostakin on the Instagram page of this commission.

In this program, Sarvar Bakhshi, the head of Eco Cultural Institute, stated: Art waves in every particle of the soil and each drop of water of this proud and glorious land. Among the arts that have been a source of pride in this precious region since its emergence during the Sassanid period until current, we can mention the Iranian art of gilding. ECO, together with the National Commission for UNESCO-Iran, is holding the first virtual exhibition with 27 exquisite works.

Hojjatullah Ayoubi, Secretary General of the National Commission for UNESCO-Iran, said: The ECO Cultural Institute reminds us Tajikistan and the Nowruz region. The people of this land with gold and books, rained down poetry and divine words. I think the art of gilding is a symbol; A symbol of the cultural education of these people.

After all Mohammad Nabati, a master of gilding and painting, said: Each gild has its own worthy ideas. Throughout history, the pieces that accompanied the text have attracted the most attention. It is valuable to keep such an art that makes future generations in Iran be proud of what their ancestors have done.