Referring to the 84th birthday of Iran, Salehi wished for the artist good health, longevity and success.

He also said: "It is gratifying that you are still seriously expressing yourself through painting in the art path."

Salehi also expressed hope that the Iran Daroudi Museum would be opened as soon as possible.

In this meeting, Iran Daroudi appreciated the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance for his presence in her house and said: "I am happy that I am still active and hopeful at the age of eighty-four."

"This book was published 16 years ago and I plan to reprint it by adding a few new works," she said of her book, "The Hearing Eye", which includes her paintings.

She said about the process of establishing her museum too: "It took more than 5 years for the museum license to be finally legalized, but I hope to achieve the dream of opening a museum in my life."

In this meeting, Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabai, the director of the Veteran Artists Institute, also accompanied the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance.