Mahboubeh kazemi Doulabi, director of Baran Art Gallery and funder of Baran auction with above mentioned continued: 'we have some plans for next auction and it is real that we don't want to lose against Corona Virus too since we cannot pause our activities at the same time, we must choose a path that ensures the health of individuals in our community, Therefore, we have not yet decided on how to hold the auction, unfortunately, health officials do not have good forecasts for the fall; we thought about virtual auction but our artworks are different and often need to be closely monitored by the buyers and their experts. While global experience says that virtual auctions are not very successful. We hope that by adopting the right solution and opening a successful auction, we will be able to transfer positive energy to the community'.

Kazemi has started the New Year with a series of fights with Corona together with her family, mentioned: ' The coronavirus unbelievable damages to art severely affected the lives and livelihoods of the majority in the art community while the depth of the tragedy becomes more apparent with each passing day. I think the government must think about a solution for it before the situation gets worst otherwise very soon the few jobs that the art community had, will disappear and be replaced by poverty and frustration. In my opinion, the government could have provided more infrastructural and serious support measures for art. I hear from art associations that more and more members are registering for receiving living allowances every day but many associations are not financially able. Gallery owners were the first groups to close down due to the health of the audience and respect for the health of the community but continuing the current trend will hit the fledgling art economy harder'.

Ms. Kazemi the director of Baran Art Gallery also pointed out that deadlier than Corona is procrastination and negligence which caused Turkey to pursue the claim of registering Istanbul as the capital of Islamic calligraphy in UNESCO. 'Why should our tangible and intangible heritages be confiscated one after another by other countries? It is said in the media that the Iranian calligraphy file has been being written for submission to UNESCO for almost 10 years. How can this neglect be interpreted? Iranian art is a pioneer of original calligraphy as well as the originality of Islamic calligraphy and any historical record other than this is a great injustice to Iran. When I complained, all the attention of the authorities was on explaining and disseminating modern art, not a petite attention was paid to our ancestral art. This ten-year negligence is one of its consequences' Mahboubeh Kazemi said.