The photographs in the exhibition, from the world's largest Muslim congress, Hajj, were displayed in the Azadi Tower Cultural and Artistic Complex on the occasion of Eid al-Adha and Ghadir, with 38 works of social documentary, including panoramic photographs.

Ahmad Nateghi is one of the famous war photographers, founder of The Iranian Photographers House and Farda Photographers Association that images of the Halabche tragedies are his most famous works.

He published a glorious and exquisite book about the greatest Islamic congress 'Hajj' in Saudi Arabia titled 'lesson of love'.

This exhibition officially opened on Wednesday 29 July with the presence of Master Ahmad Nateghi, Dariush Arjomand, Mehrzaman Fakhar Moghadam, Mahdi Afzali CEO of Roudaki Foundation, Alireza Dabbaghi deputy chief financial officer of Roudaki Foundation, Alireza Mesgarkhoei Advisor to the managing director of the Roudaki Foundation, Omid Seddiq Director of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Roudaki Foundation together with Seyed Abbas Azimi president of the Azadi Tower, a group of artists and art lovers and will continue until 10th of August 2020