“When my father was working on the main idea of the film, he made a video maquette of the film instead of writing a screenplay and played the role of Mr. Badiei in a car traveling in Sohanak, a village near Tehran,” Kiarostami’s son, Bahman, wrote in a statement read by the director of the celebration, Seifollah Samadian, before the screening.

Samadian said that he is happy that Bahman submitted this film to this edition of the celebration.

“We should try our best that this film finds its real position,” Samadian said.

Samadian further added that a new section named “40 Years Tehran”, which reviews a lineup of top films made in Tehran or about Tehran over the past 40 years, has been added to this edition of the festival.

Filmmaker Rakhshan Bani-Etemad, actor Habib Rezai and photographer Roshan Noruzi were attending the ceremony.

The exhibit featuring photos, posters and cartoons in addition to screening a number of films will continue until March 13, ending with honoring the winners.

Source: Tehran Times