A selection of 50 photos by 34 photographers from different countries, including France, the U.S., South Korea, Greece and Vietnam, has been put on view at the exhibit, which opened at the Museo dei Campionissimi on Tuesday. 

Arabzadeh is a member of Iran’s Focus Photo Club and has been active as a jury member in several Iranian and international photo contests. 

He has also been awarded by several Iranian and international photography events. 

In the Wind Direction from his series Desert won the NBPC Ribbon at the 12th NBPC International Salon of Photography in India this year.

He also won the Salon Bronze for The Darkness, a black and white portrait of a young woman, at the Brooklyn Photo Contest in New York City in 2018.

In 2017, Through the Viewfinder, an international photo contest held in Kragujevac, Serbia, honored Arabzadeh the Master of Light Photographic Association (MOL) Bronze Medal for his photo Sorrow.

The Novi Ligure International Photo Exhibition, which will be running until December 8, also features works by Korean photographers Ann Jung-bae, Baek Mi-suk, Choi Ok-hee and Han Sang-pyo; Jean Luc Cornu from France, Kate Theo from Italy, Le Hong Linh from Vietnam and Michelle Kwon from the U.S.

The exhibit has been organized by Museo dei Campionissimi in collaboration with the F Gallery in Jeonju, South Korea.

Source: Tehran Times