One painting by Iranian artist Kasra Rafiei and another one by Italian artist Marco Ugo were unveiled on the wall of the residence of Italian Ambassador Giuseppe Perrone.

The project aims to enhance cultural relations between Rome and Tehran. Based on the project, different artists from Iran and Italy are scheduled to create huge paintings to be affixed to the exterior walls of the residence every two months.

“Working with Marco was a great experience,” Rafiei said during the unveiling ceremony of the paintings.

“We had no common language, and art was able to bridge that gap,” he added.

In his short speech, Ugo also said that he has always been eager to visit Iran and working with his Iranian counterpart has been a very interesting experience.

“I experienced and enjoyed the Iranian’s unique warmth and hospitality,” he noted.

The first part of the project started with the unveiling of the paintings by Mehdi Qadyanlu from Iran and Paolo Bordino from Italy in September. It will be completed within a year by September 2020. 

“The Urban Art Unites” intends to support creative bilateral artistic exchange between Italy and Iran, and also to raise social awareness of the importance of beautification in urban spaces.

Source: Tehran Times