The artwork is a joint creation of designer Kamran Afshar-Naderi and ceramist and calligrapher Leila Farzaneh, the Farzaneh Art Studio, a Tehran-based handmade pottery business belonging to the artist, has announced.

“Tree of Life” measures 9.2 x 3.3 meters and has been created with about 3500 hand-painted ceramic flat tiles of different geometric shapes, 360 irregular pyramids composed of stainless-steel mirrors and thousands of hand-painted ceramic pieces bearing Persian calligraphic motifs. 

A team of architects, artisans and engineers has also contributed voluntarily to the art project. 

The artwork was donated to the institute in February. However, the institute is scheduled to be officially inaugurated in September with French high officials in attendance.

“‘Tree of Life’ is the symbol of a new beginning in life, positive energy, good health, growth and a bright future. The tree ages, but through its seeds containing its very essence becomes immortal,” the Farzaneh Art Studio said in a statement for the artwork. 

“Our ‘Tree of Life’ represents the entire cycle of life: birth, growth and death. It is based on the concept of the sacred tree manifested in many symbolic formats in most ancient territories, cultures and religious beliefs including Persia, Mesopotamia, China and North America,” it added.

Source: Tehran Times