The photos belong to Abbas Khojasteh, a major collector of Takhti’s photos.  

In a statement published on Friday, the gallery said that Khojasteh intends to introduce Takti to the younger generation by means of the photos.

The collection will be on view until August 28 at the gallery located at 10 Shirzad Alley, near Daneshju Park.

The gallery also organized an exhibition of Takhti’s photos from Khojasteh’s collection in 2016.

Takhti was found dead at a hotel room in Tehran in 1968 and the Persian dailies Kayhan and Ettelaat reported that he had committed suicide due to his unhappy domestic life. However, a large group of people also believed that he was killed by the SAVAK intelligence services due to his disloyalty to the Shah’s regime.

Source: Tehran Times