“The decision has been made after an agreement was signed between the organizers of the festival with Naghashim, a startup which turns the children’s paintings into toys and dolls,” Rezai said in a press release published on Saturday.

“A selection of 250 paintings created by children who were admitted to the hospital once in their lives from 38 countries will put on display in Tehran during October,” he added.

The Hungarian capital of Budapest will be playing host to the closing ceremony of the event on November 8, at which time 12 winners of the IFPPP will be honored.

Director of Naghashim Hamid Farzi also said, “The startup will give dolls and toys made based on images from the paintings to the children, and plans to display their paintings on our website to bring back smiles to their beautiful faces and inject hope into their hearts.” 

The festival has been organized by the Health and Art (HEART) Group, a major member of the Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN), which is active in organizing festivals and events focusing on the mental health of pediatric patients.

Source: Tehran Times