Works by the Iranian artists Ali Mirai, Amir-Reza Torkaman-Rahmani, Arash Forughi, Abbas Nasseri, Emad Salehi, Esmaeil Babai, Rahim Baqqal-Asghari Baghmisheh and Yassan Delfan will go on display in various categories of the exhibition, which will be held in Piracicaba from August 10 to October 27.

Over 200 artists from 35 countries will be participating in the event. 

Pakdel and Darabian are scheduled to hold workshops on illustration and cartoon at the COTIP Technical College of Piracicaba on Wednesday. 

Pakdel has received several awards for his works in various Iranian and international events, including the Golden Hithi Award at the 1st Ferizaj International Cartoon Contest in Kosovo, first prize at the PAPB International Cartoon Festival in Indonesia and third prize at A Colorful Human World International Cartoon Contest and Exhibition in Norway.

He also won the Grand Prix of the World Press Cartoon, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious annual press cartoon contests in Lisbon, Portugal in 2017.

Source: Tehran Times