A collection of artworks from 228 artists from different generations will be showcased at the exhibit.

“Works by young artists are a priority and there are fewer works by veterans this time,” Golestan said.

She added that she spent more time and energy in choosing the works, and that an increased number of very high quality works will go on display at the exhibit this year.

“Due to the recent economic recession in the country, I preferred not to showcase works in the upper price ranges. However, a number of works by veterans from the private collectors’ collections will be shown alongside works by members of the younger generation to encourage the youth,” she explained.

“Works by those young artists working in other cities are astonishing, and I preferred to introduce these young talents during this year’s exhibit,” she added.

Works by veteran artists, including Parviz Kalantari, Gholamhossein Nami and Mohammad-Ebrahim Jafari, have been selected for the exhibition.

The exhibit will be running until August 21 at the gallery located at 42 Kamasaii St. in the Darrus neighborhood.

Source: Tehran Times