Reza Maddahi is the curator of the exhibition that opened on Friday, the organizers have announced in a post published on the center’s Facebook page.

Alai has said that the main theme of his photos is people who have seized the locations in famous tourist sites.

“The similarities and mimicking of people observed in famous tourist attractions have been recorded in these photos, while immigration, isolation and individualism are other secondary themes, in addition to Black immigrants,” he added.

In a statement published for the exhibit, Alai also wrote, “Paris consists of parts of a perplexity, as members of a big family who are divided among an unknown population, with Black people, who have captured the atmosphere, and whites, who are wasting the city. It is a population that surrounds the world’s most visited iron structure.”

“I have tried to showcase the sites, which have been contaminated with the presence of human beings, as a symbol of an ideal city, a city that has been a popular rendezvous for a great number of colorful people who are negligent of the great history of Paris,” the statement reads.

The exhibition will be running until July 26.

Alai won the Vision Bronze Medal for his photo Loyalty at the 2nd International Digital Exhibition Vision in Finland organized by the Photo Club Vision in 2018.

Source: Tehran Times