The Venice Biennial, relying on young Iranian artists, showcases and shares its view of Being and Singing with people of other nations and folks. The message has a familiar concept for all; however, its origin may have not been realized.

Today in the course of Iran’s art, a contemporary being and a modern language has been formed, while the whole world is under the assumption that Iranians are still striving to make ends meet, and art has been greatly sidelined, Iran decided to have a serious presence in the Venice Biennial.

This time contemporary poetry and innovative art has created a familiar combination which the audience may not be well aware of concept of being and singing in Iran today.

Iran’s contemporary art is dynamic and has dynamic artists as well. We initiated Of Being and Singing to show how the effect of diplomacy and art development is vivid to us, and we want to proceed a development using the language of art. Although it is obvious we cannot reach that goal by a single art performance or pavilion.

The idea and decision of attending the Venice Biennial was easy, but was accomplished with difficulty. It may seem to some that crisis-stricken Iran does not have any chance to develop art, but Iran’s art status in the world especially in the region cannot be excluded. This development has been made by Iranian artists themselves. Today Iran is approaching a maturity in this event along with neighboring countries which is experiencing its first appearance in this Biennial and neighboring countries which has not participated in such events.

Putting aside the executive issues of the pavilion which have been solved by patience and wisdom, Iran’s contemporary art has commenced a new era, the powerful era relying on young artists who have something to say that is familiar to the world. The power of our art is a new triumph we are determined to achieve.

The Institute for Development of Contemporary Art as the commissioner of Iran’s presence in 58th Venice Biennial has extended its activities based on its rich cultural archive and the growth of Iran’s young artists. This institute has supported artistic attendance in numerous salient international events, it keeps on the search for new fields.

Mahdi Afzali

Director, Institute for Development of Contemporary Art