Dariush Mehrjui’s 1969 cult film “The Cow”, Nasser Taqvai’s 1987 drama “Captain Khorshid” and French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse’s 1978 documentary “The Lovers’ Wind” about the landscape of Iran are the films, which had the chance to be photographed.

The stills have been selected by the director of the celebration, Seifollah Samadian.

The three books have been published by Tasvir-e Iran Publications.

Filmmaker Reza Mirkarimi, also attending the ceremony, said that he has had the honor to be friends with Samadian for years, and added, “The idea of publishing the images of these three films was a great idea. Mehrjui was extremely surprised to see the images of his film.”

The ceremony was concluded by screening Mirkarimi’s “Qasre Shirin”.

“Qasre Shirin” won the Crystal Simorgh for its screenwriters Mohsen Qarai and Mohammad Davudi at the 37th Fajr Film Festival this year.

The closing ceremony of the celebration will take place on March 8 honoring the winners.

Source: Tehran Times