Founder and CEO of the auction Mahboubeh Kazemi Doulabi told Honaronline that the upcoming auction is a nationwide event for art, culture, research, and economy, hopefully paving the way for greater attention to the Iranian-Islamic art of calligraphy and more.

She said most of the works are in the style of Persian classic calligraphy, and the third event is being held in honor of Master Calligrapher Mirza Gholamreza Esfahani.

According to Kazemi, the most expensive item for auction is an internationally recognized, engraved Holy Quran by Master Raein Akbarkhanzadeh. Other lucrative items include:

-A unique Sahifeh Sajjadieh book - 140 to 150 million tomans.

-10-meter inscription from Qajari era by Mirza Amou Tehrani - 250 to 300 million tomans.

-Calligraphy by Mir Emad Al-Hassani – 600 to 650 million tomans

-Calligraphy by Hassan Zarrin Ghalam – 250 to 300 million tomans

-Calligraphy by Reza Mafi – 220 to 250 million tomans

-Calligraphy by Faramarz Pilaram – 150 million tomans

- Heech statues by Parviz Tanavoli – 400 to 450 million tomans

-Art collection dubbed Destruction by Aydin Aghdashloo – 250 to 300 million tomans.

The art and calligraphy works will be showcased in an exhibition, which is scheduled to open on Wednesday. The main auction will take place Friday evening at 17:00 PM. For further information please visit Baran’s official website at