The event, which opened on September 4, has been organized by the Pomegranate Cultural Group, the Ladder Art Space has announced on its website.

The gallery also screened “I’m a Sign”, a documentary about Nasrollahi directed by Meysam Shahbabai, on September 21.

In an article previously published by the Guardian, the British newspaper called the 67-year-old Nasrollahi one of Iran’s most influential painters.

“His work has been exhibited and sold internationally. His work is innovative in technique and content. Subtly drawing Iranian legends, archetypes, and ancient visual motifs into contemporary life, Nasrollahi’s work is often concerned with profound psychological questions,” the Guardian wrote.

“The role of tradition in identity formation, the borders between the material and the spiritual, and the mixing of belief and logic have consistently figured as themes in his paintings.”

The exhibit will be running until November 4.

Source: Tehran Times