The exhibit opened on Friday and includes 20 artworks and will run through October 2. Azmi’s usually large-size paintings are created with a variety of colors. Some of the works are crowded with dolls, some represent world famous cartoon characters like Disney’s 1950 Cinderella with her blue gown, fearless spinach crazy the Popeye, and Winnie the Pooh.

Azmi, 47, has participated in many exhibitions in Iran, China, the UAE and Turkmenistan.  One of his works “The Kings of the Region of Nothing” from the same collection was sold for 380 million rials at Tehran Auction in 2013.  So far 7 Art Gallery has hosted works of well-known Persian painters including Hamid Toloueifard, Kaveh Kavousi and Mansour Qandriz.

Source: Financial Tribune