The prints all bear the autographs of the artists, Foad Sharifi told the Persian service of Honaronline on Friday.

“It was seven years ago when I decided to prepare the silkscreens. The first poster I chose was the one created by Abbas Kiarostami for the film ‘Black and White’ by Sohrab Shahid-Saless,” he said.

“When I told Kiarostami about my decision he welcomed the idea. I later continued with the posters by several other artists but somehow it seemed strange for some of them. However, when they saw the reprinted versions, they developed more interest and willingly signed the copies,” he added.

The exhibit entitled “Plakate” (German definition for posters) showcases six posters, four of which belong to the Shiraz Art Celebration designed by Hushang Kazemi, Fereidun Aav, Mohammad Ehsai and Ardeshir Mohasses.

The collection also includes a poster designed by Farshid Mesqali in 1973 for “Daar”, a movie by Reza Allamehzadeh.

“Long Live Freedom” created by Nikzad Nojumi for Iran’s 1979 revolution is another highlight of the collection.

The exhibit will be running until Monday at the center located on the first floor of the Sam Center, Fayyazi St. off Vali-e Asr Ave. near the Parkway Intersection.

The silkscreens have previously been displayed at Tehran’s Tarrahan Azad Gallery.

Source: Tehran Times