The 77-year-old author himself created the collection between 2014 and 2015.

“For me, painting was a very sudden decision. It was in those days that I was sad and depressed. I have a friend named Abolfazl Hemmati Ahui who is a painter and had illustrated one of my books. He asked me to visit his atelier,” he said.

“He later asked me to buy a brush and paints and taught me how to paint and little by little I took it seriously and did about 50 works. A lady saw the collection but refused to showcase the works in her gallery and then I stopped painting,” he stated.

“However, a friend of my daughter recently saw the paintings and managed to select 40 works for the exhibit,” he stated.

He next said that he is waiting to see the reaction of the visitors.

“If you look at the works you will find them very simple. I have not done anything unusual. They are like my books and are very straightforward. I tried hard to achieve this simplicity. Working simply is very hard,” he explained.

Writer and director Majid Barzegar, who played a major role in setting up the exhibit, said that Ahmadi’s shift on art is an effort to transfer his feelings through paints and colors.

“Ahmadi has no experience in paintings and has done what he does in his poetry. His poetry, books, letters and paintings must be seen over and over,” he added.

A number of literati, famous artists, actors and cineastes are expected to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibit named “Thousands Acacia in Your Eyes Were Nothing”.

Ahmadi was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2010. “Sketch” and “From the Window of Inn” are among Ahmadi’s credits.

The gallery is located at No. 44, 10th Golestan, Pasdaran St.

Source: Tehran Times