Veteran painter, illustrator and installation artist Ali Akbar Sadeghi is holding an exhibition at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art of artworks he has created during the course of his career. Speaking to Honaronline, Sadeghi talked about his schedule for this year and said he is planning to have his selection of works, those currently on show, displayed in two other provinces, Kerman and Isfahan. "The works will also go on show in Paris, Tate Art Museum of London as well as Los Angeles County Museum of Art," he said, but did not provide details of his foreign tours.

On display at TMoCA are over 200 artworks, comprising 40% of all the works Sadeghi created over a long period during his distinguished artistic career, highlighting his practice across diverse fields of art, including sculpture, drawing, painting, illustration, graphic design and animation.

A foundation, named after the artist, began work in tandem with the opening of the current exhibit on January 28. According to Sadeghi, the foundation is to focus on publishing books; however, due to financial constraints, for now it will  only print Sadeghi's books.

Source: Financial Tribune