‘King Babur’s Kabul: Cradle of the Mughal Empire’ displays a selection of high quality reproductions of some of the masterpieces of the Timurid and Mughal periods from the mid-16th century, one of Central Asia’s richest cultural eras.

A selection of 72 Mughal pieces is on display at the Queens Palace of the complex for the next three months, Reuters reported.

Michael Barry, an American professor at the Princeton University and historian of the greater Middle East and Islamic world has curated the event. “Here in the Bagh-e Babur, what we saw in 1994 was wreckage, broken trees, shells fired. The beautiful 17th century marble mosque here was full of bullet holes. All we saw was despair and ugliness.”

The Bagh-e Babur or Babur’s Garden, one of the oldest surviving Mughal gardens, was named after the first emperor of the Mughal dynasty, which ruled over much of India in the following three centuries.

Source: Financial Tribune