“Having offered over 3000 pieces of art, all the artworks are put on sale with the unit price of 9 million rials (about $190),” curator Jamshid Haqiqatshenas said in a press release published on Tuesday.

“The Charsuq Art Center in Mashhad hosted the bazaar from March 1 to 6 with 330 works by 104 artists, and the bazaar in Ahvaz opened in the newly-established gallery of Ahvaz branch of the Association of Visual Arts on Tuesday,” he added.

“A selection of 336 works by 100 artists will be on view in Ahvaz until March 18,” he remarked.

The Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran will also host the event opening today and running until Friday.

Organized by the Institute for Promotion of Contemporary Visual Art, the bazaar offers the artworks at low prices, in an effort to add artworks to people’s shopping lists.

Source: Tehran Times