Sasan Qajar, the secretary of the festival, said: "The important critic section and critics has always been a very important bridge between the artist and the audience, and they can lead the audience to a better understanding of the work by dealing with different layers of a work and discovering and describing signs and elements. Hence, criticism has a special and effective place, as Therefore, we  considered the necessity of the scientific criticism approach as an important educational tool and considering the previous successful experiences and also the need for standardization in accordance with prestigious international festivals, the Critics' Award will be one of the important parts of the National Pantomime Festival. The prominent figures in the form of the critics 'section will judge the works of the competitive section, and in the final ceremony, a special critics' award will be given to the best work.”

According to Sasan Qajar, the analysis and review sessions of the plays participating in the festival, at the end of each day with an educational, scientific and analytical approach, is a  critic special program  of this year.


Source: Iran Theater