Iranian actor Ashkan Khatibi is the director of the play, which is a musical comedy set in 19th century Russia and consists of a series of short plays based on short stories and other works by Russian writer Anton Chekhov.

The only connecting thread between the series is the character of the writer, who is reminiscent of Chekhov.

The performance is held by a cast composed of Khatibi's acting students including Nura Peidayesh, Mahak Ahmadim, Raya Ramezani, Sepinud Bazargani, and Matin Nasiri.

Khatibi satged the play for the first time in August 2018 at Divare Chaharom Theater, a private hall in downtown Tehranm, and later in 2020 inTehran's Spand Hall.

''The Good Doctor'' had been performed previously at various theaters in Tehran and several other Iranian cities by different directors and toupes.

Khatibi also staged ''Reading Chekhov under the Supervision of  a Representative from the Russian Federation'' at Malek Theater with the same troupe.

The play is based on plays by English playwright and novelist Michael Frayn, Iranian writer Omid Sohrabi and Khatibi himself.

Source:Tehran Times