The national day of dramatic arts,the day of reminding the perfect place and capabilities of this art in life. Because life besides the need of living is the reflection of thoughts,values,beliefs and habits of each of us that social necessities turn us trying to make ourselves accepted by others in interactions,so theater is the performance of existance and part of our thoughts and behavior which we try to conceal. 

Therefore,in order to  search and watch a  real life we go toward theater and for reforming the narated realities we look at the other side of this art and show the Do's in order to have both informing review and inspiring reminders in theater.This careful,delicate and potent performance is the reality of the function of this amazing and sincere art,so the national day of dramatic arts is the reminder of these two features of training actors for the stage :

Based on this, if prophets   have invited people with their own language and method to think and do nice things for punlic in peace and happiness,it is acceptable  that the messengers of theater in all over the world try to direct their art and evaluate their performance on the stage carefully.They should show the suffers of human today besides the place and beauty of the identity which has scaped from humans relations as well as the need called Faith!

The national day of dramatic arts is the day of trying to remember  Faith and act as well as showing loyalty to the whole world. 

Undoubtedly, such function and reminders  will make this day universal and effective. 

Hope to do so.

General Director of Daramatic Arts Canter,

Kazem Nazari