The Screening Council of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance also announced on Monday that Iranian theaters will begin screening the movies from March 9.

Winner of the Crystal Simorgh for best film at the Fajr Film Festival, ''The Situation of Mehdi'' has also won wide accalim from critics and jounalists.

Directed by Hadi Hejazifar, the film portrays part of the life story of Mehdi Bakeri, the chief of IRGC 31st Shura Dinision that carried out several major operations during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.

The lineup also includes ''The Late'' directed by Hossein Namazi.

With layers of satire, the film follows Nader, a poor man who must pay for the hospital bill and funeral following his father's untimely death.

''Day Zero'', an action film that brings Abdul-Malik Rigi, the founder and leader of the Jundallah terrorist group in southeastern Iran, back to life, will also be screened.

The film is producer and makeup artist Saeid Malekan's directorial debut, which premiered at the 38th Fajr Film Festival in 2020.

The film won the special jury prize, the New Look award, which is presented to the best directorial debut feature film, and the Golden Simough for best film from the national point of view.

''La Minor'', a drama about a young woman musician directed by Dariush Mehrjui, has also been selected to be screened.

Initially, plans were for the film to hit Iranian theaters during the Noruz holiday season in 2020, however, it was canceled due to the pandemic.

''The Loser Man'', which had its premiere at the 40th Fajr Festival, will also be screened.

Directed by Mofammad-Hossein Mahdavian, the film is about Ahmad Khosravi, a detective who is engulfed by many problems in his private life, is assigned to investigate a mysterious case.

''The Mesdow'' written and directed by Kazem Daneshi is also among the films, It is about an inquisitor facing several challenges amid his transfer to a new office.

The lineup also contains the detective thriller ''Frobidden'' by Majid Mafi.

Source:Tehran Times