He writes in part of his message: "Throughout the history of art, the rich and glorious Islamic-Iranian culture has always tended towards goodness, perfection and spiritual wisdom, and like an endless treasure, it has used these sacred resources and has created lasting effects for the universe and left them as a memory.

The art of theater, with its nature and longevity, has an essence arising from spirituality and brings to life one of the attributes of God, which is creation and creativity, to reveal the truth, and it is with this status and prestige that it becomes a cultural component for growth and They consider human excellence.

The Fajr International Theater Festival, which begins its 40th edition, is a great opportunity to take firm and new steps in line with the cultural programs of the second step of the Islamic Revolution, and to create brilliant works with the help of taste and beauty with an original and revolutionary approach and to introduce brilliant works with an original and revolutionary approach to domestic and foreign areas.

This event results when the writing of valuable theatrical play is considered as a priority by the artists.

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is determined to pursue this valuable and glorious approach with the presence and participation of artists, with its comprehensive and comprehensive support."