Abbas Ghaffari, who directed the play "Sagdo" written by Mohammad Charmshir in the Sayeh Hall of the City Theater Complex, announced the performance of the play "I Wanted to Be a Horse" written by Mohammad Charmshir and produced by Maryam Naraghi.

He said about the theme of the show "I Wanted to Be a Horse" is based on  Memoirs of a Young Girl, published in 2004 by Nila Publications. The main story is  real. during World War II four Jewish women were imprisoned in a basement for four years  because of  fear from German and Nazi forces.

Ghaffari intends to stage the play "I Wanted to Be a Horse" at the 40th Fadjr International Theater Festival.

"I Wanted to Be a Horse" will be staged at the NofelLoshato Hall in the mid -January after obtaining a performance license, and the cast will be announced soon.