President of Tehran Theater Campus and Secretary of the Festival, while announcing the above news, said: On the first day of Azar 1400, while showing the festival poster with the judges: , Hamed Zahmatkesh, Executive Director of Jihad Daneshgahi University of Applied Performing Arts, Nima Beglarian and Head of Performing Arts of Tehran Province Arts Center; The board of directors of UNIMA Iran, the second virtual festival of paper theater, has officially started.

Regarding the successful holding of the first round of the festival, the director of the Tehran Theater Campus added that last year over 3,000 plays were sent to the festival secretary, of which 1,100 were reviewed, and this was a turning point in the implementation of this program at the national level. The reviver of this art in the contemporary world, Alain Lecoucht, sent a message to the festival secretariat.

He added: “Following the successful holding of the first round, it was decided to defeat the second round of the festival for families and with a novel look with themes such as Iranian ethnicity, morality, kindness, ancient Iranian stories and reforming the consumption pattern, Corona and Hold school memories.

The secretary of the virtual paper theater festival, referring to how to participate in the festival, said: “Those who are interested can.” Call Study the call and prepare a blanket of their works according to its instructions.

He pointed out: The film of the virtual workshop with the presence of professors in this field with the topics of how to make the decor, the elements of the play and how to arrange the play and perform the program in accordance with the goals of the secretary can also participate in this festival. Based on the announced axes and conditions, send their production works to 09351005990 in WhatsApp by January 11 at the latest

Alambakhsh added: Tehran Theater Campus, with the outbreak of Corona disease, relying on the sympathy and support of its caring colleagues, has been able to have a very brilliant record in all days of theater holidays in the fields of virtual, jihadi, festivals, television and cinema productions. It was done so that all the colleagues of Tehran Theater Campus would convince everyone that there is a bright light here

A section was added to the Hamadan International Theater Festival for Children and Adolescents

According to the announcement of the secretariat of the 27th Hamadan International Theater Festival for Children and Adolescents, the section “Theater with performances by children and adolescents under 18 years old” was added to this period of the event.

“Theater with performances by children and adolescents under 18” is one of the new sections of the 27th Hamedan International Theater Festival for Children and Adolescents, which creates an opportunity to see and evaluate the activities of teachers, professors and children and adolescents who produce plays. will do.

The deadline for receiving the films in this section is December 7th. Of course, the actors on the stage, such as the puppet director, the actors must be under the age of 2, but there is no ban on the age of the director, writer and other actors, and it is possible that these people are also professionals.

All types of plays such as puppets, streets and scenes that have been produced for children and teenagers from October 1st to the end of September, if they do not even have a public performance, can apply to participate in this part of the festival

The 27th Hamedan International Theater Festival for Children and Adolescents will be held in March this year in Hamedan