Eshaq Jahangiri vice president in this meeting stated that culture and art society are great assets for the country and can be a factor of solidarity, cohesion and hope for the future. 

He said that"The death of Shajariyan and the presence of many people at the funeral of this great master showed that great artists are symbolic assets for the country. The government will address the concerns of the culture and arts community as much as possible. Unfortunately, in the field of tourism, culture and art, we have witnessed more problems than other sectors, and we are witnessing a significant decline in the labor force in these sectors".

Jahangiri also thanked the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance for following up on the approvals of the last meeting and implementing programs to support the people of culture, art and media against coronary disease.

In this meeting,  Seyyed Abbas Salehi also presented a report on the implementation of the decisions of the May meeting to the Vice President, which was held with the aim of protecting the people of culture, art and media against coronary injuries.

The Minister also announced the implementation of three months of insurance premiums, payment of low-cost employment facilities to people of culture, arts and media through the Omid Entrepreneurship Fund and the measures and programs of the second support package.

The meeting was also attended by the mayor of Tehran and representatives of art unions.