Hadi Hejazifar, a well-known cinema, theater and television actor, will play a role in the first musical show " Alamdar", produced by Parviz Parastooie and directed by Hossein Parsai. The play " Standard-bearer /Alamdar" is written by Mohammad Reza Koohestani.  

The music composed by Pooria Khadem, led by Bardia Kiars, will be performed in the mourning of Hazrat Abbas (AS) with benevolent purposes and in accordance with the health instructions for the third decade of Muharram by the Roudaki Cultural and Artistic Foundation in Vahdat Hall.

This event is with the participation of the Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (AS) Khademin Charitable Institution with the CEO of the Iranian wrestling champion Rasoul Khadem, and the profit from the show will be spent on charity in poorer areas of the country. The play " Alamdar" is written by Mohammad Reza Koohestani and will go on stage from 22 September until 27 October.

Tehran Orchestra Symphony will take the stage with the narration of Parviz Parastuicon on September 26.

The performance went to stage in a collaboration between the Roudaki Foundation and the Khademin Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) Charity Organization.

For the audience of these gatherings, chairs have been arranged in accordance with the health protocols, which have been placed at a distance. The program is also broadcast live to online audiences every night on the Rubika Net website, and fans can watch the program live.