Winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award for Best New Play, “August: Osage County” centers around the Weston family, whose members are brought together after their patriarch, world-class poet and alcoholic Beverly Weston, disappears. 

The matriarch, Violet, depressed and addicted to pain pills and “truth-telling,” is joined by her three daughters and their problematic lovers, who harbor their own deep secrets, her sister Mattie Fae and her family, well-trained in the Weston family art of cruelty, and finally, the observer of the chaos, the young Cheyenne housekeeper Johnna, who was hired by Beverly just before his disappearance. 

Holed up in the large family estate in Osage County, Oklahoma, tensions heat up and boil over in the ruthless August heat. Bursting with humor, vivacity and intelligence, “August: Osage County” is both dense and funny, vicious and compassionate, enormous and unstoppable.

Zohreh Yaqubi, Shirin Farkhondenejad, Maryam Farahabadi, Mahi Moshiri, Masud Ashuri and Ali Qanbrazadeh are among the main actors in the play. 

Letts is best known for “August: Osage County”. Inspired by his father’s work in community theater, Letts pursued a career in acting. He briefly attended Southeastern Oklahoma State before moving to Dallas and then, at age 20, to Chicago, where he eventually landed acting jobs. In Chicago, he also began to write plays.

In 2003, Letts’s next play, “The Man from Nebraska” about an insurance agent’s loss of religious faith was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. 

His subsequent play, “August: Osage County” won a Pulitzer Prize and five Tony Awards.

Source:Tehran Times