Leev CEO Hassan Majooni has previously directed the play for several times across Iran. 

The troupe performed the play at Tehran’s Molavi Hall in October. It was also staged in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz during summer.

In addition, the play was staged at the Hamun Theater in the northern Iranian city of Rasht in winter 2018.

The academy also took the play on stage at Paliz Theater in Tehran during autumn 2016 and winter 2017. 

The Kitchen was Wesker’s first work and is his most frequently performed play. It has been produced in sixty cities including Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Paris — where it was the first widely recognized production by Théâtre du Soleil in 1967 — Moscow, Montreal and Zurich.

The play follows the staff in a café’s kitchen during the course of a busy morning.

British filmmaker James Hill made a screen adaptation of the play in 1961.

Amirhossein Bayat is the translator of the play, which will be on stage for about two months.

Source: Tehran Times