“The play tries to show children the value of peace, avoiding emphasis on the violent scenes of war,” Hamid Goli said in a press release published by the IIDCYA.

Written by Mehdi Nikravesh, the story of the play is set in a nowhere-land warzone, in which two children try to help a pilot bring back peace to their village. 

“The play is a sitcom, which doesn’t have any dialog,” Goli said and added, “We just use some narration in parts of the play to help children understand the story. In other parts we only use music and slapstick humor,” Goli said. 

“Families like to take their children to the theater, and the IIDCYA is a place they can trust. Children’s theater just needs more support,” he concluded. 

Ali Forutan, Mohammad Hajbabai, Hamidreza Gudarzi, Amir-Ali Mohammadi and Asal Shakeri are the main members of the cast for the play, which will remain on stage until August 22.

Source: Tehran Times