Croatian director Morana Dolenc will stage “Wanda LaVanda” written by Jelena Tondini.

The play is about Wanda, a sheep that due to its wool of many colors and unusual appearance stands out among other animals, her surroundings and friends.

 A French group is scheduled to perform “A King without an Answer” by playwright and director Jean-Baptiste Puech.

“The Small Theater from the End of the World” from the French director Ezequiel Garcia-Romeu will also be performed at the festival. Garcia-Romeu has co-written the play with Laurent Caillon.

Dutch director Charlotte Puijk-Joolen will stage “Exuvia”. The play written by Puijk-Joolen and Ananda Puijk is about the search for our inner possibilities and limitations.

The festival will also host a Taiwanese group, which will perform “Journey to the West: Mayhem in the Crystal Palace”. Yung-Chih Lin will direct the play written by Sheng-Chieh Wu.

Afghan director Mohammad (Kaveh) Ayreek has also been invited to stage “The Black Hair and Jalali”.

Source:Tehran Times