Mona Ahmadi, Saeid Changizian, Leyli Rashidi and Juliette Rezai will perform in this play.

Also, Summerless is due to attend Farnce’s 2018 Festival d'Avignon held between July 8-15.

The team will again start another European tour to Switzerland and Germany in September 6, after having a 15-night performance in Iran.

According to the official website of Festival d’Avignon, ‘Summerless’ is about the supervisor of a primary school who calls on her ex-husband, a painter longing for recognition, to renovate the school's façade. His mission is to cover the revolutionary slogans written on the walls of the playground with a large fresco. The task is daunting and he is lacking in motivation, until he meets a young mother who has come to wait for her child. Every day, she arrives early, seemingly to escape the boredom and anxiety caused by her social isolation. They strike up a conversation, and the particular rhythm of summer creates a unique atmosphere. This is where Summerless finds its theme; the collapse, the walls, education, and desire.

Source: Mehr News