The play is about a fish that lives in a small stream and wants to live a life with aspirations and purpose. He embarks on an eye-opening journey with the spirit of a dreamer experiencing an awakening, but in the process, the path leads him to wisdom, courage, awareness and study of complex social relations.

Mohammad Aqebati from Iran will direct the troupe, which is made up of young artists from Turkey, Armenia, Iran, Germany, and the U.S.

Lau Noah, Luca Nodjoumi, Nika Nodjoumi, Mari Vial-Golden, and Peter Sullivan are the main members of the group.

Mehrnush Alia is the writer of the play. Composers Melis Aker and Martin Shamoonpour and costume designer Elivia Bovenzi are also collaborating with the group. In addition, Aqebati and Reza Behjat are working as set designers in this project.

Source: Tehran Times