Translated by Maryam Nejad, the plays will be performed at Hamun Hall in Rasht, the capital of Gilan Province, on August 5.

Earlier in July 2016, Majuni directed the plays at Rasht’s Dr. Rahmatdel Hall.

“A Marriage Proposal” is a fast-paced, one-act farce that tells the story of a long-time neighbor of Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov, who comes to propose marriage to his 25-year-old daughter, Natalia.

One of Chekhov’s lesser-known plays, “The Bear: A Joke in One Act” condenses so much of human nature into a short and comical act to demonstrate how close the relationship between anger and passion can be.

Borna Ansari, Barnush Purghaffari, Roshanak Shabani and Mahyar Nedai are the main members of the cast for both plays that will remain on stage until August 10.

Source: Tehran Times