In this article, we take a look at the activities that took place last week in different art fields such as  theater, architecture, cinema, culture and literature, visual arts, fashion, and music.


-The 62nd Krakow Film Festival has picked “Parizad” by Iranian filmmaker Mehdi Imani Shahmiri as best documentary.

-Iranian animator Behzad Nalbandi’s drama “The Unseen” about homeless women won the award for best animated feature at the Tehran International Animation Festival.

-"District Terminal" was picked as the best film at the 8th edition of the Iranian Film Festival Zurich currently underway in Switzerland, the organizers announced on Thursday.

-The International Iranian Film Festival in Zurich awarded its Golden Charter of Honor to Aida Panahandeh.

آیدا پناهنده


-Competitive sections of the 11th Fajr International Fashion and Clothing Festival to 7 sections of youth clothing, Menswear, Bag and shoe design, Jewellery Tents and scarves, Separate fabric and packaging, Each of them has slight differences in the field of goals and importance of the subject.


Visual Arts

-Iranian photographer Mehdi Zabolabbasi has won the Best Author Award -- FIAP Light Blue Badge in the first edition of the George Barker International Exhibition of Photography in Canada.

-Ali Kaveh's photographs of Imam Khomeini (RA) were displayed in the "Moment" exhibition of the House of Iranian Artists.

-A poster of Iranian and Polish graphic students was displayed at the Niavaran Cultural Center.

-A photo exhibition opened last Thursday in Tehran to showcase photos of the shrine of Imam Reza (AS), the eighth Imam of the Shia.

-The works of four Iranian photographers are on view at the 19th edition of the La Gacilly Festival Visions of the East, such as Hashem Shakeri, Maryam Firoozi, Ebrahim Norouzi and Gohar Dashti. Also,There is also a section entitled "Light and Shadow" dedicated to the works of Abbas Attar. 

-Last week, Tehran galleries hosted 41 new exhibitions in various fields of visual arts.

مهدی زابل عباسی


-Five plays was selected for out of competition section at the 27th Hamedan International Children and Youth Theater Festival.

-The call for the 18th International Resistance Theater Festival was announced by the Revolution and Holy Defense Theater Association.

-Special Performance Performance - The Delaware Theater, directed by Jafar Mahyari, hosted cultural advisers from Italy, Denmark, France and a group of theater and film artists.

-The poster for the reading of the play "Zahak Khwaligaran" written by Dina Jadari and directed by Farzad Jamshiddanai was unveiled.

-With the issuance of a decree, Kourosh Zarei became the secretary of the 41st Fajr International Theater Festival.

جشنواره تئاتر مقاومت


-Shiftegane Del group and the Melal Vocal Ensemble went to stage a dance performance with "rengs" from the Persian classical music exclusively for an audience of women in Tehran.

- Appointed Mohammad Ali Merati as the secretary of the 15th Regional Music Festival of Iran.

- The Iranian music album "Bagh Nachideh" composed by Arjang Seifizadeh and Mohammad Hossein Seifizadeh was released.


Culture and Literature

-Candle and Fog, the London-based Iranian-British publishing house, plans to introduce the first and only complete Spanish translation of the Shahnameh on Tuesday in a special meeting at the National Museum of Iran.

-The nominees Children's Book Council of Iran are writers Ahmad Akbarpur and Ali-Asghar Seyyedabadi and Afghan book reading promoter Nader Musavi.



-The invitation to submit articles to the 5th International Conference and Exhibition of Fire and Safety of the city has been published.

-Caspian coast meeting; "On the architectural crisis on the Caspian coast" was held.



By Dorsa Bakhshandegi