Sajjad Haider Rizvi, executive director of the foundation met with Iranian Director of Khana-e-Farhang Jafar Ronas in Lahore on Saturday.

Both sides decided to develop cultural, educational and tourism ties and renew sisterhood agreements between Lahore and Isfahan and Mashhad.

Haidar Rizvi said that this NGO could work in the field of educational cooperation between the two neighboring countries within the framework of the ECO agreements.

He pointed to the importance of the activities of Iranian Khana-e-Farhang in introducing the rich Iranian culture and civilization to the people of Pakistan.

He noted although information technology in the last 20 years has grown dramatically in Pakistan, it has not been able to properly bring the nations of Iran and Pakistan closer together, as Muslim and neighboring countries.

He added that skilled experts and researchers are cooperating with the Pakistani foundation, and it could accelerate cooperation of the higher education institutions, including universities and cultural institutions of the two countries, and ultimately strengthen the people-to-people relationships.

Haidar Rizvi pointed to the common cultural, historical and civilizational heritage between Lahore, the capital of Punjab Province, with the great Iranian cities of Isfahan and Mashhad.

He added there is a great potential for cultural, educational, and tourism exchanges between Lahore and the two Iranian cities.

Ronas voiced the readiness of Khana-e-Farhang in cooperation with the Indus Foundation to revive the sisterhood agreements within the framework of the ECO Cultural Institute.

He said that in the first step, communication will be established with the international departments of the three municipalities. 

The Indus Foundation is a governmental organization working in the field of human resource management. One of the foundation’s goals is to provide educational facilities and cultural services to Pakistani citizens and to pave the way for expanding relations with neighboring countries.

Source: Iran Daily