The games have received nominations in the Academic Serious Game Competition, in which category Kosmos Klikker GO developed at the Rudolf Berlin Center and the University of Amsterdam is also competing.

“TizRun” has been produced at Rayka Media with contributions from CARLab and the Tabriz Islamic Art University.

CARLab and the Tabriz Islamic Art University are also the developers of “KeepStep”.

The two-day GaLA conference, which will take place virtually in the western French town of Laval, also hosts the GaLA Virtual Exhibition.

The two Iranian games will also be offered at the showcase. The competition winners will be announced in the Laval Virtual World on Thursday during the award ceremony at the Dance Hall.

The conference and exhibition are organized every year by the Serous Games Society, whose core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence in the field of serious games and game development for the benefit of all people.

The GaLA Exhibition is an opportunity for academic and industrial partners to disseminate their ideas, development proposals and innovative approaches, and discuss their design choices, and about the use and evaluation of serious games.

Source:Tehran Times